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Why buy this product?
- Powerful ozone generator.
- Remove all odors in unoccupied spaces.
- Ozone production 3500mg / h.
- Functions perfect in small spaces.
- Integrated timer with a maximum duration of 12 hours.
- Easy to use.


Ozone Generator for Car Odors

Take your 
auto detailing business to the next level and offer car odor remover services by using a commercial grade ozone generator for cars.

About this product

The powerful 
Compact ZT3500 Ozone Generator with integrated timer is perfect to remove all odors (mildew control up to 35m2 and vermin control like mothswoodwormcockroachesmitesflies etc) in unoccupied areas with an ozone production up to 3500mh / h.

Just place it inside the vehicle, plug it in (leave a window open a couple of cm to run the power cord thru) and then turn it on.

unpleasant smells and odors will be gone after a treatment with this Compact ZT3500 Ozone Generator. The ozone generatorhas a timer that will enable the generator to run for a maximum duration of 12 hours. After these hours the timer will shut off the air purifier.

The odors are broken down on a molecular level, this results that 
odors are being removed permanently and that the ozone generator is most effective on porous materials like upholstery and floor mats etc… Odors transform into an not smellable carbon dioxide and ozone reduces to normal oxygen.. 

ZT3500 Ozone Generator is suitable for spaces up to 350 m3 like hotel rooms and car interiors (required time in usage 1 – 2 hours). The compact design makes it very well for mobile use.

Many people
 who buy a used car hate unpleasant odors from smoking (nicotine), petsfire odorsvomit odorsurine odorsbody odors, or oil / petroleum. When you want to remove these unpleasant odors you need a lot of time and most of the times it doesn’t work at all. With the Compact ZT3500 Ozone Generator you can now simply remove all unpleasant smelling odors like the smell of smoking or the wet dog which was in the back of the car. 


A good quality ozone machine costs parts and labor to manufacture with much parts and housing from stainless steel or aluminum (powder coated).
This ozone generator has plates inside that can be changed to be cleaned (by hand or dishwasher).

What is ozone?

Ozone is a naturally occurring product. It is formed by either a photochemical reaction or a bio-electrical reaction. In a photochemical reaction, oxygen molecules are split with an ultraviolet light. The split oxygen atoms (O1) then join normal oxygen molecules (O2) to form ozone molecules (O3).

In a bio-electrical reaction, ozone is created through an electrical discharge, whose function is similarly to UV light for splitting oxygen molecules. Ozone created in this fashion can be found as a by - product of lightning and electrical storms. The ozone sterilizer also generates ozone using this method. The reactivity of ozone is because of the third atom of oxygen. Held together in a semi - stable bond with the other two oxygen atoms, this atom easily reacts with any oxidizable compound (organic or inorganic).


Is ozone safe?
Ozone automatically reverts to oxygen molecules within a period of twenty minutes, making this form of oxidant very safe and environmentally friendly. It is non-carcinogenic, non-polluting, and does not leave any toxic residues after usage. It poses less of a danger than many common household products, such as bleach and cleaning products.

The ozone generator should always be kept free of dirt and dust, otherwise the performance will reduce. Cleaning your ozone generator should be done as needed by a qualified electrician.

The higher the humidity during use of the ozone generator, the more the ozone ceramic plates and tubes wear out. Ceramic platescan and should be cleaned regularly with a wet clean, damp cloth without using detergents . Then wipe the surface dry and you are done!

How to use

First close the area where you treat the car. Position the ozone generator in a unoccupied car as close as possible to the odor source. Set the timer to desired time and leave the area. Allow 40 minutes before re-entering the treated area. Vacuum the car, remove the rubber mats and clean the ashtray (basic cleaning). After a wet cleaning of the interior, the vehicle must be dried again! To save time, it is advisable to carry out the ozone treatment after dry basic cleaning and before wet cleaning.

Moisture / humidity forms a barrier through which ozone can not work.

Humidity has a further disadvantage because it leads to nitrification in the ozone generator! Salpeter is formed as a reaction of oxygen, nitrogen and water (in the form of humid vapor). Also a very humid day can lead to increased nitrification. Avoid ozone treatments on such days, because the odour of salpeter can only be removed through a thorough wet cleaning of the upholstery. It is often confused with the ozone smell.

Place the unit at a high point in the vehicle and close all doors and windows. A simple solution is to place the ozone generator on the front seat backs and the rear seat backs.

If heavily soiled, we recommend that you use the vehicle in the interval method. The vehicle should be released after one to two hours for a few minutes, to provide the interior with fresh oxygen, which can then be converted back to active oxygen. After the treatment, you can brush off the cushion and backrest with your hand or a vacuumer - attachment to release residual ozone from the tissue. If compressed air is available, it is advisable to blow out the interior. This is the most effective method.

Important: please read manual before using the ozone generator. 

Consumption 70 Watts / 230V
Ceramic Plate Size 90x50mm
Air Volume Max 100 CFM (2.8m3)
Technology Ceramic plates 90x50mm
Ventilation Fan
Air flow rate 150m3/h 
Housing Stainless steel
Active Oxygen(on) 3500 mg/h
(ozone production)  
Sound Level(DB) 45 Db
Sizes 200x190x240 mm
Weight 2.3 Kg
Warranty 1 years 
Accessories AC power cord
CE Yes


*Shipping can be 1 to 5 business days
*Recupel, auvi and other contributions are included in the price

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