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Why buy this product?
Ideal for new leather.
Provides a matte, no shine finish.
Cleans and nourishes leather.
Removes dirt, dust, and fingerprints.
Finishes with a non-greasy and dry-to-the-touch feel.
Blended with vitamin E and aloe to nourish and restore leather.
Advanced UV blockers help protect leather from harsh sunlight.
Prevents cracking and fading.
Perfect for natural leather, vinyl, leather, and durable sealed leather pieces.
Works on all leather colors in the car, home, office, and beyond.
Easy-to-use sprayable formula works anywhere, any time.


How It Works
Chemical Guys Leather Quick Detailer cleans and nourishes leather surfaces in just one easy step. The sprayable Leather Detailer easily removes light dirt, dust, fingerprints, and food spills from everyday use. Leather Detailer wipes away body oils and dirt for an original crisp and fresh appearance with no extra greasy shine on leather surfaces. Easily details leather seats, door panels, dashboards, steering wheels, shift knobs, and custom leather goods, clothing, and apparel. Simply spray on the leather surface and wipe away with a microfiber cloth for quality results. leather Detailer is formulated with vitamin E and aloe to maintain and preserve the original condition and feel of leather. The versatile formula works on all leather colors for perfect results. Advanced UV protection prevents leather from cracking and fading. leather Detailer is perfect for cleaning any leather on the go. The refined formula works great on natural leather, durable sealed leather, and synthetic vinyl leather and pleather parts and upholstery. leather detailer finishes with a dry-to-the-touch feel that maintains the original appearance and look. The easy-to-use detailer will keep leather looking great in less time. Clean and maintain leather seats, upholstery, and accessories with Chemical Guys Leather Detailer.

The Perfect Leather Detailer
Chemical Guys Leather Detailer cleans and maintains the original condition of leather seats, upholstery, apparel, and accessories. The sprayable formula easily removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, and light stains from leather surfaces. leather Detailer is perfect for detailing leather seats, door panels, dashboards, steering wheels, shift knobs, and custom leather goods. The easy-to-use leather detailer is non-greasy with no slippery feel or greasy shine. Simply spray on the leather surfaces and wipe away using a microfiber towel. It’s that easy! leather detailer safely cleans and maintains leather surfaces for instant results. leather Detailer is formulated with vitamin E and aloe to maintain and preserve the original look and feel of leather. The innovative leather Detailer quickly removes spills from leather before they can stain and cause permanent damage. leather Detailer is easy to use for cleaning leather on the go. Keep a bottle in the car for easy detailing anywhere, any time. Clean, restore, and protect leather goods with Chemical Guys leather Detailer.

Maintain And Protect Leather Goods
Leather is a natural animal hide that has been tanned, dried, and conditioned for automobile upholstery. Over time, leather can become dry, stained, discolored, and cracked from neglect. Leather Detailer is formulated to safely maintain the original condition of leather upholstery and goods. Body oils, food stains, and UV sunlight can wear down the condition of leather, destroying the hide or leaving it with greasy stains and spots. leather Detailer easily removes unwanted body oils and food stains that destroy the look and feel of fine leather. Light cleaners remove unwanted contamination to maintain the purity of the leather surface. The sprayable detailer lifts dirt, dust, fingerprints, and body oils from the leather surface without harming the color or feel. Vitamin E and natural Aloe extracts nourish and restore the soft supple feel to leather goods to help prevent cracking and fading from normal use. leather Detailer is easy to use during a full detail, during regular weekly washing, or while on the go whenever your leather requires detailing.

Works On All Leather Goods
Leather appointments add a luxurious and functional touch to any vehicle interior. Natural leather hide is tanned, treated, and conditioned to wrap seats, dashboards, door panels, steering wheels, shift knobs, and custom automotive goods. Durable leather lasts through years of wear and tear when cared for using the proper methods and products. Regular cleaning and conditioning of vehicle leather is recommended to keep it in top condition. Remove light dirt, stains, fingerprints, and dust from leather goods in between full deep cleaning and conditioning with Chemical Guys Leather Detailer. Use Leather Detailer anywhere, any time. It’s fast, easy, and delivers perfect results when detailing leather. The refined formula works on all natural leather hides, durable sealed car upholstery leather, and even synthetic vinyl leather seats and upholstery. Simply spray on all leather surfaces and buff to perfection with a microfiber towel. Chemical Guys Leather Detailer works great on natural leather finishes, and new sealed leather found in high end automobiles. Use Leather Detailer on leather shoes, luggage, bags, purses, stick bags, and furniture. Leather Detailer is perfect for detailing custom leather goods that requires special care. Quickly and easily detail any leather with Chemical Guys Leather Detailer

How To Use:
Shake well.
Mist Chemical Guys Leather Quick Detailer over any leather surface.
Wipe away using a clean microfiber towel.

Part Number SPI21616
UPC 811339027442
Size 16 ounces / 473ml
Top Sprayer Top
Scent Leather
pH Balanced Yes
Vitamin E Yes
Aloe Yes

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SKU SPI_216_16

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