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This kit contains:

- 1 x Glossworkz Auto Bath
- 1 x Glossworkz Glaze

Glossworkz Auto Bath: 

How it Works 
Chemical Guys GlossWorkz Auto Bath is a premium pH-balanced paintwork cleanser and gloss booster that provides slick lubrication for a scratch-free wash. GlossWorkz is safe for wax and sealant coats, and is the perfect choice for your weekly wash to maintain a freshly-detailed look. Use GlossWorkz Auto Bath in a traditional two-bucket wash, in a foam gun, or a foam cannon for supreme versatility. The all new GlossWorkz Auto Bath is the perfect choice for your weekly maintenance wash. There’s more to good car soap than making tons of bubbles. Chemical Guys GlossWorkz Auto Bath uses synthetic surface cleansers and gloss enhancers for a slick wash that makes paintwork shine. 95% of swirls and scratches are caused by using improper washing and drying methods and tools. GlossWorkz lifts and lubricates dirt from automotive surfaces, reducing the chance of scratching paintwork and other sensitive areas.

Enhance Gloss
If you want more gloss after your weekly wash, this shampoo is a must have for any professional detailer or weekend enthusiast. Just wash your car, truck, boat, or RV like normal and you will be stunned by the amount of gloss it adds. The pH neutral shampoo will help remove dirt, dust and all kinds of road grime while being gentle on even the most sensitive surfaces. Many wash shampoos on the market contain heavy cleaning chemicals that can remove your protective wax or sealant layer. Chemical Guys Glossworkz will not remove your wax or sealant layer to ensure your vehicle is always protected. If you have any kind of protection or no protection at all you will notice the added gloss to the surface. Glossworkz is not just a soap, it’s a super lubricating cleanser. Biodegradable, non-toxic, environmentally responsible and free of harsh detergents. It’s gentle enough to use on freshly waxed or sealed paint. Chemical Guys Glossworkz is the perfect maintenance wash shampoo that will provide your vehicle with a bright gloss and a slick finish. 

Gloss Boosting Technology

Chemical Guys designed Glossworkz as the first paint cleanser with the chemistry of a gloss enhancer. Advanced synthetic gloss enhancers utilize the same chemistry as our world famous detail sprays to enhance the natural shine of your paintwork. The gloss booster coats the surface to brighten and enhance your current coat of wax or sealant. Glossworkz brings the natural beauty of your paintwork back to show winning quality. Often times after a wash, professional detailers will wipe down a vehicle with Chemical Guys quick detailer spray to achieve that fresh waxed look. Glossworkz is designed using quick detailer formulation to give you the deep wet shine of a quick detailer spray with just a simple wash. It’s like doing two detailing tasks in 1 easy step. The gloss enhancer rinses clean from the paintwork leaving a smooth surface that is free of any dirt and contamination.

pH Balanced Cleaning Capabilities
Glossworkz is the perfect way to get a high gloss shine while still utilizing pH balanced cleaning technology. For years, professional detailers and enthusiasts have preferred pH balanced wash shampoos for the powerful cleaning abilities with safe and gentle cleaning characteristics. Chemical Guys Glossworkz is pH balanced so you can wash your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV in direct sunlight without streaks or spots. This pH balanced paintwork cleanser rinses clean to always ensure a smooth surface that is free of dirt, debris and contamination. You can safely wash your car in daylight or shade to achieve a flawless and bright shine from just a basic wash.


Safe for Wax and Sealant
Maintaining your vehicle’s protective wax or sealant layer is important. Wax and sealant protect your car from UV rays, water spots and contamination. Glossworkz works to maintain your protective wax or sealant layer. The unique washing formula allows dirt, grime and filth to be washed away while still maintaining your protective layer. Glossworkz is designed to wash any exterior surface with precision. Simply mix 1 ounce of Glossworkz to 4-5 gallons (+- 15L) of water to create a superior surface cleanser with a generous amount of wash suds. The advanced super polymers glide over your current wax or sealant layer ensuring that your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV stays protected against the elements. Glossworkz will show you the true definition of clean.

Glossworkz Glaze:

How it Works 
The detailer’s secret for adding tons of extra gloss and shine to any finish is the glaze. Chemical Guys Glossworkz Glaze is a premium self-leveling glaze that fills micro-scratches, warms the glow, deepens the depth, and enhances the reflection on any vehicle. Use Glossworkz Glaze after a clay bar service, but before applying your sealant or wax coating for extra gloss and shine. Micro-refined oils and leveling agents fill light scratches and swirls to reduce their appearance and enhance reflection. Specialty gloss enhancers brighten shine and enhance the “wet” look on paintwork. Strong UVA/UVB blockers help reject harmful solar rays and maintain the look and integrity of your paint finish for years to come. Glossworkz Glaze is eye candy for your car! One coat of Glossworkz Glaze will make any car look extra shiny, extra wet, and extra smooth. Lock in the exclusive look of Glossworkz Glaze with your favorite Chemical Guys sealant for durable protection over the deep-wet shine.

What's Different About the New Formulation?
- Completely reformulated for improved glossing durability
- Newly refined formula improves leveling, delivering an even richer and brighter finish
- Improved ease of use by hand or machine 

Exclusive Deep-Wet Shine 
cProfessional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts know that glaze is the secret step to adding extra shine, depth, and dripping-wet reflections to any car, truck, or motorcycle. Glossworkz Glaze is formulated with premium self-leveling agents to fill minor swirls and scratches while enhancing reflection and depth. Gloss enhancers add tons of extra shine and glow, making your car look as if it is dripping wet. Glaze may be an extra step in the detailing flowchart, but the premium look is definitely a must for the most demanding car enthusiasts and professional detailers. Glossworkz Glaze is eye candy for your car! 


Swirl-Filling Ability 
Swirls and scratches are the bane of any detailer’s existence! The only way to “fix” or “remove” scratches is through machine polishing, and removing layers of paint to reveal a flat lustrous surface. For very light or fine scratches, and for delicate paint finishes where polishing is not an option, glazes are perfect to fill minor swirls and imperfections. Glossworkz Glaze is blended with ultra-refined oils that penetrate deep into scratches and reduce their visibility. Once the scratches are filled, the whole surface appears flatter and better reflects light. Glossworkz Glaze fills imperfections, enhances shine and depth, and makes cars look dripping wet!


Self-Leveling Technology 
Glossworkz Glaze is formulated with special polymers to maintain even distribution of gloss enhancers, premium oils, and UV inhibitors throughout the product. As you spread Glossworkz Glaze, the self-levelers ensure even distribution of product into every pore, scratch, and smooth portion of paint for an even glow across the entire surface. Self-leveling technology eliminates the “patchy” or “splotchy” look given by inferior products, and helps ensure Glossworkz Glaze turns any car into a piece of eye candy. The advanced self-leveling technology allows Glossworkz Glaze to be applied by hand using a premium applicator pad to achieve fantastic results. The application is easy and simple. Glossworkz Glaze can quickly be applied with any dual-action polisher using a blue Hex-Logic pad. Simply spread the glaze on the paintwork using a slow or medium machine speed and remove using a soft microfiber towel. Glossworkz Glaze is the easiest glaze to apply with the fastest dry time. 


UVA/UVB Protection 
Harmful solar rays damage and degrade painted finishes over time, speeding up oxidation and fading colors. Glossworkz Glaze contains premium UV inhibitors that reject harmful UVA and UVB solar rays, protecting and maintaining the vibrant color and paint integrity on your vehicle. Add Glossworkz Glaze to your detailing process to add tons of extra shine, gloss, deep-wet reflections, and durable protection against the elements. Glossworkz Glaze delivers extra shine and gloss that lasts, and lasts, and last. 

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