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Why Buy This Product?
Super slick and foamy car wash shampoo.
Maintains and strengthens vehicle coatings, like Carbon Flex Protective Coating.
Adds extra protection to waxglaze, and other vehicle coatings.
Will not strip glazesealant, or wax.
Enhances gloss, shine, and water beading and sheeting of vehicle coatings.
Versatile formula: use in any bucket wash, foam gun, or foam cannon.
Use like any other Chemical Guys car wash soap to clean any exterior surface.



How It Works
Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash is a custom car wash shampoo for maintaining vehicle protection coatings. While normal wash soaps clean away dirt and debris, they do not strengthen or revitalize advanced vehicle coatings like Carbon Flex Protective Coating. Vitalize Wash is blended with the same compounds that Carbon Flex uses to protect paintwork, so every cleaning restores strength, gloss, and water beading and sheeting effects to the Carbon Flex vehicle coating. Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash is a super slick car wash shampoo. Use Vitalize Wash in the 2-bucket car wash method to lift, lubricate, and remove heavy dirt and contamination away from the vehicle surface for a scratch-free shine. Add Vitalize Wash to any foam gun or foam cannon for an extra slick and foamy wash for enhanced debris removal with less friction and chances of installing swirls and scratches. Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash is safe for any vehicle coating technology, including synthetic coatingswaxglaze, and sealant. Washing with Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash will not strip any protective coatings, and will ensure the longest-lasting bond for the best long term protection on any vehicle. Wash all exterior parts of any vehicle with Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash, such as paintwork, polished metalglass, optical plastic headlights and tail lights, textured plastic and rubber trim, wheelstires, undercarriage parts, and more. Clean any vehicle with Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash to strengthen and maintain advanced vehicle coatings with a brilliant scratch-free shine.


Reduce Scratches And Swirls
Improper washing and drying causes over 95% of all swirls and scratches found on vehicles worldwide. All Chemical Guys car wash soaps and shampoos are formulated for slick removal of dirt and debris for a scratch-free shine. Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash combines slick lubricants and foaming agents to gently remove dirt and debris before they can cause scratches or swirls. Wash dirt and filth away from paintwork, wheelstires, undercarriage parts, glass, optical plasticrubber and plastic trim, and any other exterior surface. Use Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash in any bucket wash, foam gun, or foam cannon for extra gentle dirt and filth removal on any vehicle. Pre-saturating dirt and debris with thick car wash soap foam helps to loosen and pull away the abrasive material before gentle wiping with a wash mitt. Choose Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash to clean, shine, and enhance any vehicle treated with protective coatings including Carbon Flex.

Full Carbon Flex Package
Chemical Guys Carbon Flex is the most advanced vehicle protection coating system. Carbon Flex Protective coating creates a durable shield against UV sunlight, dirt, dust, pollution, and water while providing a high-gloss shine. It begins by applying Carbon Flex Protection coating over exterior surfaces like paint, glass, and clear optical plastic. With proper prep and care, one coat of Carbon Flex can protect the vehicle for up to 36 months. To ensure full protection over the life of the coating, maintain it with Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash for regular cleanings. Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash is blended with protection coating polymers and compounds to restore performance to the Carbon Flex coating. Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash also strengthens Carbon Flex Trim coating to ensure deep black plastic and rubber trim year round. For quick cleanups in between full washes, wipe up light dirt, dust, and fresh water spots with Carbon Flex Spray sealant. The Carbon Flex Spray sealant contains Carbon Flex protection compounds to add extra strength and protection back to the coating. For the best protection against the elements, enhanced gloss and shine, and amazing water beading and sheeting capabilities, maintain the Chemical Guys Carbon Flex coating with Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash.

For Total Vehicle Protection
One application of Chemical Guys Carbon Flex Protection coating system shields all exterior car parts against the elements for up to 36 months. Contamination like industrial fallout, pollution, brake dust, mud, dirt, and liquids cause permanent damage and make paint look dull. Carbon Flex creates an impenetrable barrier against the harsh elements that cause corrosion, oxidation, and paint failure. Sealing surfaces with C9 locks in and enhances the show-winning shine that car enthusiasts love. To ensure the longest-lasting shine, clean and maintain the Carbon Flex coating with Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash. The special wash soap is blended with the same protection compounds as the Carbon Flex coating. Using Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash literally washes protection back onto the vehicle to ensure the shine lasts for as long as possible. Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash even adds durable protection to other vehicle coating technologies, waxglaze, and sealant coatings, and will not strip any other wax coats. For the best protection with every wash, choose Chemical Guys Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash.

Help Prevent swirls And scratches
When you are done washing your car and ready to dry it, use AfterWash to not only speed the drying process, but also moisturize your paint. 95% of swirls and scratches come from poor wash and drying habits. The advanced lubricating polymers in After Wash glide any premium microfiber towel over paintwork for a scratch-free shine. After Wash is available in 473ml // 16 ounce, and gallon sizes.

How To Use:
Always start by washing the tires and wheels first.
Do not use the same wash water, bucket, cleaning tools, or drying towels on your car's paint as you do on your tires and wheels.
Shake Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash well.
Mix 1 ounce of Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash with 5 gallons of water in a clean wash bucket.
To use with a foam gun/cannon, mix 1 - 3 ounces of Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash with clean water in the solution bottle of your foam gun/foam cannon.
Rinse the vehicle with water to remove loose grit and surface dirt.
Start washing from the top down with a premium wash mitt.
Rinse the mitt in a second bucket of plain water after washing each panel to remove washed-off dirt and debris for a scratch-free wash.
Use a final rinse of free-flowing water (nozzle off the hose) allowing the water to sheet off the car.
Follow with Carbon Flex Vitalize Spray for brilliant shine and protection. 

Caution - manufactured for professionals. Keep out of reach of children. If first aid is required while using this product see the product label for further instructions and contact a physician immediately.

Part Number CWS80416
UPC 811339025554
Size 16 ounces // 473ML
Top Flip cap
Dilution 1 ounce to 4-5 gallons of water 
Scent Citrus Fusion
Color Green
Gloss Enhancer  Yes
Wax No
Foam High 
Wax/Sealant safe Yes
Works in foam gun Yes
Slickness level Super high
pH balanced Yes
Safe for light color cars Yes
Safe for dark color cars Yes

Safety Aspects Shampoos

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SKU CWS_804_16

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